I got accepted!

(Old picture from last time in Thailand)

Since I might be writing posts later on for the exchange agency, (not sure, but I volunteered and one can always be optimistic) I thought I might write in english from the start. Obviously I hope to get some international friends as well and I am sanguine thinking that they might want to read my blog as well. Haha anyways.

I just got accepted to Kasetsart university in Bangkok! It’s so surreal! The semester starts at August 14th. And besides┬ámy excitement I must admit I am a bit frightened. I have been in Bangkok many times, close to 20 times now I believe (?), but I have never been there more than a few days at a time. This will be the first time I stay there for a longer period of time (4,5 months). And one of the biggest challenges is definitely being apart from my lovely boyfriend and my baby cats! (Yup, crazy cat lady, that’s me nowadays).