(Picture of Saga, one of our cats)

It’s starting to sink in now, the fact that if everything goes as planned, I am leaving for Bangkok at the end of the summer. It seems that the older you get, the more difficult it gets to just take your stuff and travel. Well, I am still only 23 y/o, however, I am living with my boyfriend now, I have two cats and a lot more to take into consideration. How will we manage our expenses and the rent, will Chris be able to take care of both are cats without any babysitters/cat guards for about five months, will he be able to visit etc. Together we will now have two homes to pay for. Chris has a condominium here and I will rent something in Bangkok. At first I thought the rents would be extremely low in Thailand, but I was wrong. It seems that if I want a decent place including a swimmingpool area it costs between 300-600 €, or even more.