Mitt liv


De senaste dagarna har varit väldigt varierande. Ena dagen megastress, skypemöten, mail, projekt och månadsavstämningar, medan nästa dag har varit superlugn med kaffe och mail. Dock gör de lugna dagarna mig mer stressad än de fullspäckade, jag känner mig lite vilsen, som att jag missar något. Jag gillar när det händer mycket saker hela tiden!















Later on you will only see pictures from my new “home” and city, so I thought I could share some pic’s from my beloved home here in Sweden.  I will miss how the cats eat up all the flowers and bring all the dirt inside.

(I also had to see if my camera still worked, I haven’t used it for a while.)

Tickets booked

pexels-photo-202983So, I finely booked my tickets and I can consider the latest dates for the semester to be finale!

I have my first day in school at 4th of august and my last exam will be in december. So I will leave for Bangkok on the 2th och August and coming back home on the 17th of december.


It has been a stressful period lately with a mix of school, work and preparations for Bangkok. Today I filled in the forms, took photos and printed my applications and certificates etc for my visa. And for the first time ever, I don’t look like a prisoner or like I’ve just been scared to death on my photos.

There aren’t so many things to prepare it’s just a little bit of a jungle at the moment. Only three months left!




I haven’t updated in a while, but it’s only because I haven’t had anything to write really. Though I got an email a few days ago telling me that the semester might start a lot earlier than expected, and that might cause me some troubles with work and travels and everything. But I will sort it out!

I must be honest though, I am a bit afraid and I am not comfortable with not having control over the situation. Which courses will I get? Will my CSN be enough? What time do we start? where will I live? So many unanswered questions right now. But as soon as everything starts to fall in to place I now I am gonna be super thrilled about Bangkok again!


(Picture of Saga, one of our cats)

It’s starting to sink in now, the fact that if everything goes as planned, I am leaving for Bangkok at the end of the summer. It seems that the older you get, the more difficult it gets to just take your stuff and travel. Well, I am still only 23 y/o, however, I am living with my boyfriend now, I have two cats and a lot more to take into consideration. How will we manage our expenses and the rent, will Chris be able to take care of both are cats without any babysitters/cat guards for about five months, will he be able to visit etc. Together we will now have two homes to pay for. Chris has a condominium here and I will rent something in Bangkok. At first I thought the rents would be extremely low in Thailand, but I was wrong. It seems that if I want a decent place including a swimmingpool area it costs between 300-600 €, or even more.




I got accepted!

(Old picture from last time in Thailand)

Since I might be writing posts later on for the exchange agency, (not sure, but I volunteered and one can always be optimistic) I thought I might write in english from the start. Obviously I hope to get some international friends as well and I am sanguine thinking that they might want to read my blog as well. Haha anyways.

I just got accepted to Kasetsart university in Bangkok! It’s so surreal! The semester starts at August 14th. And besides my excitement I must admit I am a bit frightened. I have been in Bangkok many times, close to 20 times now I believe (?), but I have never been there more than a few days at a time. This will be the first time I stay there for a longer period of time (4,5 months). And one of the biggest challenges is definitely being apart from my lovely boyfriend and my baby cats! (Yup, crazy cat lady, that’s me nowadays).